Japanese Books Hand Over Ceremony to Guy Morel Institute

On 6th December 2022, Ambassador Eiji KATO, Embassy of Japan, handed over Japanese books, donated by the Nippon Foundation, to Mr. Patrick Bristol, Acting Executive Director of the Guy Morel Institute.
Since 2008, the Nippon Foundation has been donating books on Japan with an aim to promote understanding of Japan through books under the “READ JAPAN PROJECT”. Today, 125 books, covering areas of history, politics, economy, science, technology, literature, philosophy and culture, were handed over, making the Guy Morel Institute the first recipient in Seychelles.
Mr. Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation send the message, "Japan and Seychelles have deepened friendly relations for close to 50 years based on many shared values. We are pleased that the Guy Morel Institute has shown interest in Japan and created the opportunity for the people of Seychelles to access quality information about Japan. It will please us very much if young, aspiring Seychellois people will make the best use of these books not only to deepen their interest in and understanding of Japan, but also to serve as a bridge between our two countries."
During the handover ceremony, Ambassador Kato introduced the history of the relations between Japan and the Seychelles, particularly the founder of Guy Morel Institute, Mr. Guy Morel who was the chairperson of the Seychelles-Japan Friendship Association and made many great contributions to the promotion of relations between Japan and Seychelles. He also noted Seychellois may grow their interests toward Japan through these books and contribute to further interaction between the two countries.