Courtesy call on Ambassador Tominaga by the MEXT scholarship student

 The Government of Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)) offers scholarship to international student who wish to study in Japan, with the purpose of improving the level of education between Japan and other countries around the world and contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding and international cooperation.
 On October 28, Nathalie Regina Duval, who passed the exam for the program, and will study in graduate courses as Research Students, paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Tominaga before leaving for Japan. Nathalie will have preparatory education in the Japanese Language at Tokushima University for half a year, and then study about “school education” at Naruto University of Education.
 Ambassador Tominaga introduced Japan, including Tokushima prefecture and the Kinki region, and he gave her encouragement to achieve the purpose of the scholarship.

Ambassador Tominaga and MEXT Scholar Ms Duval
Ms Duval presents her book to Ambassador Tominaga