Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Project (GGP)


1. What is GGP?

   In 1989, the Government of Japan introduced Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) in order to respond to the diverse development needs in less
   developed countries. The aim of GGP is to provide financial assistance to non-profit development organizations for implementing projects at community level.

2. Who can apply for GGP?

   Any non-profit development organization such as;
   (1) Educational Institutions
   (2) Medical Institutions
   (3) Civil Society Organisations
   (4) Local & International Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
   (5) Faith-Based Organisations
   (6) Local authority (ex. District office)

   (1) Individuals or profit organisations
   (2) Organisations that have officially operated less than two years at the time of application
   (3) Organisations that are not registered with the relevant government agency
   (4) Organisations without a title deed or proof of official approval of ownership/land use

3. What GGP does/does not fund?

   (1) Construction/Renovation of buildings or infrastructure
   (2) Supply of Equipment/Furniture
   (3) Technical or educational training/workshops to complement the above (1) and/or (2) activities.
   *However, a project which consists of training/workshop only cannot be funded.

   Not fund
   (1) Operational/Administrative costs (including the bank charges)
   (2) Running and maintenance costs of facilities and equipment
   (3) General financial assistance
   (4) Contingency for the construction
   (5) Land purchase/Rent/School fees/Travel expenses/Staff salaries
   (6) Consumables/Disposable Equipment (e.g. Food/Stationary/Seeds)
   (7) Purchase of livestock, beehives and tree seedlings
   (8) Projects benefiting individuals or particular group instead of the whole targeted community.
   (9) Only soft components such as capacity building, advocacy and so on.
   (10) Construction of religious facilities (e.g. Churches, mosques or temples)
   (11) Research at advanced academic institutions
   (12) Projects with a political or the intention of military use
   (13) Projects that are not closely related to economic and social development (e.g. Culture, arts and related projects)

4. What are the areas of focus?

   (1) Education (Primary, secondary, vocational, special education)
   (e.g. Class rooms, toilets, water tanks, laboratories and work shops etc.)
   (2) Health Care
   (3) Water and Sanitation (e.g. Water piping)
   (4) Agriculture/Fishery
   *The scheme does not only focus on dining halls, kitchens, libraries and computers.
   *GGP projects are not limited to the above sectors. If the community's priority need is in different sectors, GGP may consider the proposed project.

5. How much is the GGP Funding?

   The maximum amount of GGP Funding per project is 10 million Japanese Yen. The budget includes audit and quantity surveyor fees.
*GGP fund is provided ONLY ONCE and is NOT MULTI-YEAR funding.
    *There is NO TOP UP in case of a budget over-run. The organizations have to pay any additional cost not included in the proposals.

6. How does the Embassy select Application?

   The Embassy will assess all the submitted applications based on;
   (1) Credibility of the organisation
   (2) Legal status of the organisation (Registration certificate needed)
   (3) Financial status of the organisation (Recent bank statement, audit report)
   (4) Project management capacity of the organisation
   (5) Community participation and their contribution towards the proposed project
   (6) Sustainability and ownership by the beneficial community
   (7) Impact of the project to the beneficiaries
   (8) Quality of the proposal submitted in terms of neatness, focus, and attachment of verified documents

7. How to Apply for GGP?

   An applicant is requested to:
   (1) Read this application guide carefully to familiarize with the GGP scheme and its selection process;
   (2) Fill in the necessary information requested in the application; and
   (3) Submit completed application form with all required documents to the Embassy of Japan in Seychelles, by post, drop-off or Email.

   Embassy of Japan in Seychelles
   P.O Box 1414, Maison Esplanade 5th Floor, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
   Tel: (+248) 439 9900

8. Download Application Form HERE

   Application Form